easy ways to make saint-alph even better than it is

If you enjoy climbing at Saint-Alph and you'd like to make a small contribution to help maintain and  keep it a fun place, here are some ways to do it:

ambassadeurs 5.png

In short, for 40$ you can become a Saint-Alph steward by sponsoring one of your favorite routes at Saint-Alph or Gaia. With that money I will install shiny new steel biners at the anchor of the route you chose. It's safer and quicker! You can see the list of stewards and their sponsored routes below. I'd love to add your name to it.

how does it work?

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Yep! I'll probably design a simple t-shirt for the 2022 Saint-Alph season and organize a pre-sale. Whoever orders one will get it a couple of weeks after the pre-sale is over. I think with shipping we should be able to get a decent tri-blend t-shirt for somewhere around 35$ with 5$ going for the parking fundraiser. 

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ambassadeurs 3.png

SACRIFICE SAIGNANT (hélios), François Yvon 

LA BRANCHE D'OLIVIER (icarus), Maxime Lauzon

CALYPSO (icarus), Jason Ng

MONTAGNE RUSSE BINAIRE (atlas), Marc Tcholkayan

WALLBREAKER (prométhée), Marc Tcholkayan

APESANTEUR (atlas), Marc Tcholkayan

INTO THE VOID (rhéa), Mireille Trempe

DOUX NOVEMBRE (prométhée), Patrick Valiquette

SAFETY DANCE (atlas), Francis Duplessis

PROMENADE DANS L'ESPACE (atlas), Francis Duplessis

PHOÉNIX (rhéa) à venir François Yvon

L'INDÉCISION (atlas) à venir Andrew Sunde

PAGE BLANCHE (prométhée) à venir Stéphane Desbiens

TRAD POLICE (hélios) à venir... Antoine Blanchet

TOMBER SUR DÉDALE (icarus) à venir Yoland Corneau

VOL LOCAL (rhéa) à venir... Mymy Denis